Crop Image – C# and VB.NET

For cropping an image in C# & VB.NET we can use the Graphics class. We’ll use a method (or function in VB.NET) which will take 2 parameters, a source image and a rectangle of the section that should be cropped.  Let’s code!


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C# – Autocomplete Textbox

There are times when you’ll need an autocomplete textbox. Autocomplete textbox makes the user’s life easier. It shows suggestions as the user types. In case of a web browser, if you type “goo” it will automatically show all the suggestions starting with or containing “goo” like “Google, Goofy” etc. It really helps both you or your users when hunting for something. Of course, it seems difficult to set up but really it isn’t that hard. Enough talk! Let’s get on with it.


Fortunately, textbox has a built-in autocomplete feature! We don’t have to do any coding.

You can either set it up from the Designer (if you are using Visual Studio or #Develop) or do it via code. It is simple both ways. Lets do it!

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C# – Check if Form is already running

To check if a form is already running you’ll have to look for it in the Application.OpenForms collection. When a form is opened it is added to that collection.

Here’s a boolean method that checks whether a form is open or not :

Example use:


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment.

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