Draw a Rectangle in C# using Mouse

Draw a Rectange in C# using Mouse

This tutorial will show you how to draw a rectangle in C# using mouse. You can normally draw a rectangle by putting the values manually. But that doesn’t always work. Sometimes you’ll require the rectangle to be drawn automatically (without putting values manually). This tutorial will show you how to do that. Let’s begin: (more…)

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Drag and Drop using C#

I was working on an App and needed Drag & Drop support for it. I thought it’ll be complicated but its very easy. Here’s how its done:

For this tutorial I’ll be using a listBox. You can use any control but make sure you set the “AllowDrop” to “true“.

Checking what has been dragged

Select the listBox and add the DragEnter event.

Add this code:

The above code first makes sure that files are dragged and not text, folders etc; and then allows the files to be dragged into the control.


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