C# Screen capture class

A class that will help you take screenshots quickly and easily.


Following are the features of this class:

  • Take screenshot of the whole screen
  • Take screenshot of a particular area using a Rectangle
  • Copy the screenshot to Clipboard.
  • Save the screenshot straight after it is captured.
  • All popular image formats are supported.

How to use?

To import this class into your C# project all you have to do is to drag and drop the “ScreenCapture.cs” file into your project.

It is very simple to use this class. Here’s an overview of all the features:


The above instructions showed you all the features this class offers. However, if you want to see this class in acton. Then I’ve made a simple application for you, which uses this class. Download the class alone or the sample application below:

Dowload the ScreenCapture class and a sample application

ScreenCapture Class – Download Now (1 Kb)

Sample Application – Download Now (46 Kb)

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